Yokohama Atsumi Kennel, Fukushima, Japan

"I received so many well wishes and encouragements from
friends around the world on the occasion of the East Japan
Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster and consequent nuclear
power plant accident in Fukushima. I wish to thank you all
for your prayers. The situation with the nuclear plant is now
contained. The radiation polution here in Ono has been
constantly very low and our life is now back to normal. Our
shibas are fine and I am expecting a few litters this fall. I
have attached the first litter from Wakafusa for you to
enjoy. Thank you again. 2011/10/30"

My Shibas:

After observing many shibas at Nippo shows, I was struck
with a calm sober elegance of a bitch named Teraobana Go,
Kyoto Terao. I studied her pedigree and found that she is
closely line bred to Jouji/Beniryu bloodline. I looked around
and found a son of Beniryu from Mr. Maruyama's Chu-ou
Hagurosou kennel and a daughter of Beniryu from Mr.
Adachi's Tokyo Akatsukisou kennel. I was very happy to see
the intelligence and soboku quality I was looking for in both
Ryu and Yuuki. My shibas originates from the off spring of
the Beniryu line.

  Ryu Yuuki

The importance of a good bitch is something I have been
keenly aware in my breeding program. Genetically, male
and female have equal influence in their off spring. I believe
the compatibility of both dog and bitch is what matters most
for producing a good litter. When I breed, I need to know
the background of the bitch well so that I can choose a right
dog for a compatible match. My line of shibas are mostly
from the females. Yuuki started it all.

Yuuki - Yuume - Midori - Midi - Koryu - Hana - to the

In my current breeding program, I am trying to cross the
Gen line into my foundation of the Ichisuke line. I feel that
these two lines are very different in terms of temperament,
body structure, coat quality & color, and expression. In
some ways one compliments the other. At the same time
because of the difference, it is not easy to blend the two and
reproduce offspring with only the desirable traits. I wish I
could cut and paste shibas and make a perfect shiba!!

Yuume, Midori and Midi

I bred Yuuki to Sasa no Kuroichi, a B/T grandson of Tekka
no Gen to produce Yuume. Sasa was Gen line from sire side
and Beniryu line from dam side. Yuume's litter mate Cubby
was sent to Ms. Pat Doescher of USA as a pup and sired a
2002 National winner, Ogon no Narihime of Paladin. I am
delighted to see some results from shibas I sent overseas. I
also bred Yuume to Tetsu Arashi and produced Tenkuu no
Tetsu (Tetsu). He was sent to Ms. Birgit Hillerby of Sweden
as a pup and he did very well for Birgit.

Cubby and Tetsu

In 2007, Kazakoshi no Koryu was bred out of Midi. Koryu
won 1st at Fukushima, Miyagi and Niigata shows and 2nd at
Yamagata show during the fall season. My friend Mr. Hoshi
showed this dog for me and bred a female Hoshi no
Kurohana (Hana). She is one of my current team of bitches.

Kazakoshi no Koryu and his daughter Hoshi no Kurohana

There were many shortfalls in Beniryu bloodline and my
breeding program expanded to include Gen line, especially
Tetsugen/Tekka no Gen bloodline.

I moved to Ono-machi in the country side of Fukushima
Prefecture and started a new breeding program with a team
of newly acquired bitches. Tamasakurahime (Tama), a
daughter of Kouryu, Aoikotohime (Koto), a daughter of
Aoinishiki and Ryoku-unjihime (Aoi), a daughter of
Satsuma no Aoi are just a few of my new bitches.

My blueberry farm with new kennel in Ono

Tama,Aoi and Koto

Sakura, a grand daughter of Tama: Fuuka, a daughter of Aoi
and Kuro, a daughter of Koto:

Narumi is a daughter of Koutaro Go, Kannabi Kensha, a
son of Tekka no Gen Go, Sanuki Mizumotosou. She won
several Nippo Awards. I acquired Hana no Mai, who is a
daughter of Senryu a littermate brother of Shino, Nippo
Grand National winner from my good friend Mr. Doi. Mr.
Doi was a partner of Mr. Sano, Fuji Machimansou who is a
regular winner at the Grand National. Hana no Mai has
produced a nice black and tan bitch Kuromai for me.

  Hana no Mai, Fujih Hchimansou and Narumi, Fuji Hachimansou

Kuromai, a daughter of Hana no Mai

Second and third generations out of the new team are now
in active service in my kennel.

JR and Sakura-ou

 Kazakoshi no Suzuteru (JR), a son of Yuume did very good
job as one of my studs. He was sent to Sweden as a new stud
for Ms. Birgit Hillerby. Kazakoshi no Sakura-ou is a son of
JR and a grand son of Tama from dam side. Kuromai is a
daughter of Sakura-ou.

Planned breeding program is a never ending process and I
feel I have just scratched the surface of this very intriguing
endeavor. My recent addition is Kurotsubakime (Tsubaki) a
daughter of Beninishiki, Fudougataki Kensha. Tsubaki was
bred to her half brother to produce Kuroyuri. I have a high
expectation for Kuroyuri. Fudougataki Kensha is working
with Gen line out of Tetsugen. It is distinct from Gen line
shibas from Tekka no Gen.

Kurotsubakime and her daughter Tsubaki no Kuroyuri

At this point I felt that I need to go back to Ichisuke line. I
introduced Waka, a Toyonishiki line stud. This is Wakafusa,
a son of Waka and Kuromai (Sakura-ou/Hana no Mai
daughter). He is my recent hopeful.

Waka and his son Wakafusa

As I felt Wakafusa could replace Waka as my kennel stud, I
sent Waka to Jane Chapin of the USA. Jane showed Waka
at the Shiba Classic ( a Nippo show in the US) and won
Saikousho (BOB) under a Nippo judge.

This is Waka at the Classic.

Last year(2010), I exported a few puppies sired by Waka to
the US and Europe. I also had an opportunity to export my
first shiba puppy to Singapore. I am very happy to hear that
puppies from my kennel are doing well in the shows around
the world.

Yatsufusa out of Waka/Koto breeding is especially doing
well in Finland. I think he has developed extremely well
and hope that he continues to win at the shows around

Kazakoshi no Yatsufusa, Yokohama Atsumi

Here are a some pictures of Wak off spring.

Beninishiki Kosato

Kazakoshi no Wakafusa as a puppy

This is Wakafusa's first puppies just one week old

I only breed a few litters a year but will be happy to export
selected puppies overseas when available.




From Overseas